Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday morning

What have I been up to?
Played some more TWEWY last night, after leaving work pretty late.
Sky+ had nothing for me - Reaper finished, as previously mentioned, and anyway, that's Wednesday's TV. I'm trying to remember what was on tuesdays. Maybe Big Bang Theory or the Inbetweeners, or something. I have no idea.

Anyway, yeah, reading about Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (DS, geddit?), seems like DS is "better" but shorter. Hopefully, since I *loved* DMC4, NGII will go down well.

The house was painted recently. When this happened, I packed up all the consoles so that things could be painted. Since then, I've been travelling pretty aggressively since work. The consoles (Xbox 360, Wii) are still packed up, and I've now got 4 games still unwrapped that I'm gagging to play.
GTAIV, Lego Indiana Jones, Ninja Gaiden II, Super Paper Mario.
I think there are more coming.
Actually, talking of GTA IV, did you see the Google Maps thing they did?

Oh, and we launched some new Street View stuff. Seems like it's a load of new imagery. I am preparing for the inevitable blogs covering more topless and embarrassing pictures.

Now, some of the links on those pages don't work so well any more - we've got newer imagery, you see!

Wait. What? You don't know what Street View is? Well, take a look!

Still, at least the cleaner comes today. Oh, and I need to ring a man to fix my washing machine. Right, best get on that.

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