Saturday, October 20, 2012

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Guides - Borderlands 2

Oh hai,

I want to write a review of the new DLC but for now, I'll just drop the guides in. So, without Further Ado (it's important that you capitalise that)


Cult of the Vault

Hidden Rooftop Chests and Message in a Bottle

Horrid's Hideaway


Cult of the Vault

Refined Tastes and Skiffless

Message in a Bottle

Ye Scurvy Dogs

Hayter's Folly

Master of my domain and Message in a Bottle

Wet Reward

Cult of the Vault

The Rustyards

Crow's Nest and Message in a Bottle

My Main Squeeze (Scarlett Dolls) and Cult of the Vault

Washburne Refinery

Arm Thyself, I get it for the Articles and Cult of the Vault

Magnys Lighthouse

Maroonie's Inheritance, Noob Cannon and Cult of the Vault

Message in a Bottle

Leviathan's Lair

Cult of the Vault and Lost Lost Treasure

How to kill th Leviathan solo (and no skills at all)