Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, TV tonight: The Office, an American Workplace.
This is actually much better than I thought.

The original Office made you cringe and cry, so well observed was it.
This one replaces the more serious cringes with laughs, often belly laughs, whilst maintaining the cringe aspect with aplomb.

It's certainly different, but I think it works, really really well. It's much better than a blind copy.
And, they have some genius twists on the plot as you know it.

Oooo, and look what I just found. YouTube and the Office, working together. Awesome.

Anway, other than that, a new game arrived this morning. I've given up opening them, and I've lost track of what I've preordered, so long ago did I do most of them. It's going to be a lucky dip once I get everything set up.

Oh, and still no washing machine man. Seriously, doing that now. £15 per load at the dry cleaners is no joke.

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