Friday, June 13, 2008

That'll learn me

Big day yesterday. Fell asleep on the sofa in the middle of heroes, and then again in The Big Bang Theory. What an exciting life I lead.

Went for a swift half after work at the Victoria pub, which smells awful.
In fact, since the smoking ban, lots of places stink of stale beer and sweat, which isn't so lovely.
How can the pub owners not be aware of this? And why won't they do something about it?

Anyway, moving on. Off to Manchester this weekend. Should be fun.

This is quite interesting. Ebay seem to be really struggling recently. They're trying to diversify, but without any kind of goal in mind, which has got to be tough.
It's awesome that they're actually trying, though. It would be easy for them (if not their shareholders) to simply remain in the auction space and milk the cash cow for a few years more, but their management are at least exploring other areas.
Good for you, eBay!

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