Thursday, June 19, 2008


I guess this is how it happens.
You start a blog with the very best of intentions, and then get constant distractions (games, work, real life, you know), and don't update for a few days.

Since no-one's really reading this thing anyway, it's not such a problem, I guess.
So, what have I been doing? Not a lot. Catching up on telly.
Actually, just working a lot. I'm pretty boring.
I've tried, unsuccessfully, to change the layout of this thing to a dynamic width, but it keeps breaking. I need more than 10 minutes to crack it, I guess.
Maybe tomorrow.

What else? Hmm. I'm going to be tinkering with the YouTube Upload APIs pretty soon, so that's quite interesting. I've also got a load of expenses to do, and have just eaten a delicious yoghurt.
Twewy continues to own me, and I had a parcel delivered this morning which wouldn't fit through the door, which is exciting, although it'll be 48 hours before I can pick it up. Could be another game, I guess. I'm still trying to find Wii Fit somewhere. Not that I'll actually use the thing, but I like the idea of a weight graph over time.

At a wedding on Saturday as well. I have a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I'm supposed to be doing something on Sunday, too, but, well, screw it. I'm just going to go and fly the kite if there's wind, and sleep if there's not. Which probably means I'll be in trouble with someone for not being where I should have been.


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