Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 2

In the big brother house.
Well, actually, on that note, Big Brother UK starts today. I only know because Channel 4 were pimping it in every commercial break last night, including during the series finale of Reaper, which is awesome. If you're not already watching it, well, partly it's too late, because it just finished, but, well, you can catch up. Well, sort of.
Or you can try something else.

So, yeah, anyway, what else?
It looks like we launched some updated stuff for Google Earth. Go fire it up, and search for Disney World. Don't forget to turn on 3d buildings in the bottom left panel.
If you don't have Google Earth, take a look at this
We just launched a browser plugin, which kicks butt.

It took me just under 10 minutes to knock that demo page together (mostly cutting and pasting from examples)- I love how easy our tools are to learn.
Go and have a play, and let me know what you develop.

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