Friday, June 20, 2008

Calm before the storm

I have a monster headache today. Taken some ibuprofen, though, so I'm sure it'll pass.
I put it down to the fact that the TV last night was stellar, and I got in around 11, fired up Sky+, and then didn't move for 4 hours.
So, no liquids. Hence headache today.
So, yeah, 2 episodes of My Name is Earl, 2 of Heroes, new Scrubs, Cheerleader Nation (the final!), and a re-run of the InBetweeners.
A veritable treasure trove.

A wedding this weekend, in, erm, Wimbledon, or Greenwich, or something. I should probably find out, actually.

Sunday, if there's wind, I'll be out on the kite. Otherwise, I guess I'll get some work done. Or play the DS, or something.


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