Saturday, November 24, 2012

How do I know if I have the Assassin's Creed DLC (digital deluxe) installed

So, I grabbed the Assassin's Creed Deluxe Digital edition for PC. Comes with a bunch of lovely extras (although, it's bloody hard to find a list of exactly what, so here it is). I also had trouble verifying I had the DLC actually installed. So you need to go to extras from the main menu, and enter the code, even though you've already entered it to register the game with UPlay. Very weird, very lame, very confusing (at least for my pathetic little mind).

The Lost Mayan Ruins single player mission, which includes the Sawtooth Sword
The Ghost of War single player mission(s).
A Dangerous Secret single player mission.
Benedict Arnold Missions

A war club (meh).
Naval Boarding Axe (in game it's a pirate's axe)
Pirate Flintlock
Scottish Flintlock

Captain of the Aquila outfit
Colonial Assassin outfit

And, the season pass.

I snagged it off Greenmangaming for about half price, so I think I did pretty well.

The Lost Mayan Ruins are the closest we get to a puzzle dungeon, and it's EXTREMELY short. And that's all I've played so far. I'll update this post with screenshots and videos as I make them.