Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday. Arf

Woke up late. Again. Mondays aren't for me. Let's be honest, mornings aren't for me.

Had some soup and cheesecake, which has made my day lots better.

So, this weekend. I wanted to go kite flying, but the wind never really picked up.
Instead, I crashed a picnic (happy birthday, Libby) on Saturday, played some rounders, read Edge.
I then wasted the entire evening playing The World Ends With You.
As you've probably heard from a variety of different sources
Cool graphics, nice story, great combat (which will SERIOUSLY mess with your head to start off with), and, best of all, a zillion collectibles.

The combat, though, is worth calling out. It's just starting to hit me, 70% of the way through the first playthrough (with only 30% of the pins), that it really does let you customise to exactly what you're after.

I might do a more in-depth review tomorrow, if I get a chance. But, if you like RPG and have a DS, and also OCD over collectibles, this may well be the game for you.

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