Friday, January 15, 2010

Bayonetta, more

So, I've been playing some more Bayonetta. I kept thinking I'd pick up another game, and give that a go, but no.
Bayonetta's pretty much owning me.

There are a few hidden levels called 'Alfheim' (I don't know how many) but I've found 7 while replaying levels 1-3. It's insane. The difficulty just keeps getting higher, and as anyone who's played it will know, trying to beat 3 angels, 4 flying things, Grace & GLory and Fairness and Fearless. And you can only be hit 3 times. And you've got to get 5 torture kills (not attacks, kills).

I mean, seriously?
Of course, it doesn't help when I find videos on YouTube showing how it's done.
Sadly, embeds are disabled, but here's a linky

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