Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bayonetta hidden references

I found this article, discussing hidden references in Bayonetta, which is pretty cool.
There are spoilers in there, though, so if you've not played it, and are planning to, don't read that page. It'll ruin it for you. Seriously.

Now, to my beef. The second one (about Eggman) is completely wrong. It claims you're burying Eggman, which is nonsense.
Here's the video:

So, what happens is that you're burying Rodin, to tempt angels over. Enzo is using what's called a simile (or maybe a metaphor, I confuse easily), to say that everyone dies in the end. So, yeah. That's annnoyig.

Also, on that article, the quicktime links didn't work in Chrome, Firefox or IE (shudder) under windows7 64 bit. They just rendered as black boxes.

So, what's left? Well, I nailed some of the achievements last night - cleaned up the Alfheims and the Witches tombs. Had to get help for the last 2 alfheims. I spent a couple of hours searching (at least you get an idea of which level they're in) but no bones. When I read the guide, I realised that I'd never have found them without it.

So thanks to renegade, who posted a guide over at gamefaqs.

Otherwise, it's time to get back on that horse!

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