Monday, January 25, 2010

Bayonetta 1000

Update: I cracked this. My strategy is here:

So, umbran crow 77, in the hard Alfheim on chapter 6. You bugger. But let me backtrack.

I finished Bayonetta over the weekend. By finish, I mean, I got 1000 achievement points, so I've cleared all three stages. Of course, like all good games, there are plenty of challenges left which don't have achievements - for example, platinum award for an entire stage (normal, hard, etc). I'm about 70% of the way through normal. Apparently, it unlocks Jeanne. Which is nice. Although you have to start a new game.

I also got a new sword - "pillow talk", which is basically a lightsaber.
You can see all the "secret" weapons here:

Pillow talk starts at 15 seconds or so. Note the ridiculous charge mode!

I also got Sai-fun, or the nunchuks, or gunchuks.
They're, erm, interesting. They're really fast - you can stunlock pretty much anyone, even a Gracious and/or Glorious, although they'll break out after 5-6 hits. They're incredibly weak, although in an enclosed room, they kick ass, because they fire off shrapnel which ricochets around the room and causes quite a bit of collateral damage.
Also, the charge move sends out a load of hits, a bit like a shotgun, which then fly around the room if they don't immediately hit something. The timing for dodge offset is a bit strange, but I'm working on it.
I can't quite decide the perfect use, though.

In other news, the Bazillions (lazer guns in the first example above) are pretty fun. They don't give a good combo (in fact, they give an awful combo score) but they shoot through armour, and also do a fair bit of damage. For most trash mobs (regular angels, etc) you can kill them in a couple of hits. Which is nice. Plus, they're good against grace and glory (and friends) because they stun them. Also, they take down Harmonies in a couple of hits, which is good, because harmonies are without a doubt, my most hated enemy. I find them hard to predict, and tough to hit. So thank you, bazillions. woot.

Now, back to Umbran Crows. There are 101 umbran tears of blood to unlock in this game. The first 50 are just the 50 achievements. For 50, you get a magic regeneration bangle, which is incredibly useful on Isla del Sol (the space harrier level) because it effectively grants you unlimited missiles.

Now, the next 51 are crows hidden around the levels. For normal, I found them all myself. For hard, I found about 75%, and for ultimate climax, I just gave up looking, and used a guide, because I didn't want to have to spend more time in the levels than is necessary at that difficulty. I'm on 100, with only one left to go.

This last one requires you to complete an alfheim - 7 torture attacks and only be hit 3 times. And in addition, the enemies are on fire and enraged. Awesome. And what enemies? The first wave is 4 burning angels and a burning Ardor. The 2nd wave is another burning ardor and 2 x fairness. Those dogs. With electricity. God damn. And then, joy, 3 joys to finish it all up.
And remember, you can only be hit 3 times.

The problem is the magic. It's really hard to build up enough magic to toture them. So you have dodge and taunt and all sorts. Very annoying. The closest I made it (and the point at which I went to bed last night) was down to the last joy, at 25% health, when time ran out.

Very, VERY frustrating.

I can't help but think that the designers put the crow on the wrong side of the bridge. In all the other locations, you don't have to fight the alfheim to get the crow - just this one.


I'll keep you posted if I crack it.

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Acacia said...

I reply (one year late) just to say that i share your pain.

I just finished bayonetta and proceeded to gather crows with Jeanne. And eventually i came accross... Umbran Tear of Blood 77.

I probably tried like 40 times. I've tested different strategies. So far, my greater success was two Joys left at about 30% health each.

My strategy consisted in:
1-Taunting as soon as it started. Waiting for the Burning Ardor to approach and attempt to stab me.
2-Counter with Maaha-Khala to create a Witch time. I rush to the Burning Ardor to lower his health with a Killgore multirocket glitch and immediatly Torture Attack.
3-Score 4 Torture attacks during the first wave.
4-In the next wave, keeping the Burning Ardor as a "key" to open a Witch Time, by using Maaha-Khala.
5-As soon as the Maaha-Khala Witch Time is on, rush to a Fairness, and hammer it with a Killgore multirocket glitch and Torture Attack it.
6-Rince and Repeat.
7-Pull the Burning Ardor in a corner, and countering with a Maaha-Khala Witch Time to finish him (with a Torture Attack if needed)in order not to kill it in the middle of the room and have the three Joys appear all around you.

Then the fun part. The 3 Joy.
Maybe it can be do-able with 3 bars of magic full and Pulley's Butterflies... i dont know...