Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, it's been a while since I wrote about games, so what's up?

I finally got around to finishing Assassin's creed, and getting the last few flags in a couple of districts. I was going to duff up all the Templars, sort of like this

But I got bored looking for them all.
Also, the quality of that video is bad. Apologies, but I also got bored looking for a decent one - it's an old game, and pre-HD on YouTube, so, well, that's all.

Also, if you're here, you probably know I created the Goatmaps for AC. Well, I never finished them, but there are a few similar sites up now.

I then put Mirror's Edge back in, and had a quick crack at that. Good times. I must get the DLC , though.
I haven't embedded that video, since it's in HD over on YT, and you want to see it in HD. Trust me.
(Too many acronyms?)

Then, on to Fallout 3.
Now, my biggest problem has always been that I start looking at guides way too early on, although not because I want to scream through the game, but because I was the in-game help, and it mentioned running.
There's no run button in the game, though,
So, I was trying some stuff out, like wearing no armour, holstering my weapon, and so on.
As far as I could tell, it made no difference (and in fact, holstering my weapon seemed to make me run slower, but that could have been my imagination).

So, I went online, looking for answers. And it turns out that no, there's no run - running is what you do when you're not crouching. Of course.
Some forums have said wearing different clothes (no heavy armour) can increase running speed, too, but I'm dubious.

Anyway, of course I found this on a fallout Wiki, which I left open. I then got confused about a quest, and looked at the same Wiki to find out what I should be doing next, and before I knew it, I was reading about stuff I hadn't even discovered yet. So I stopped immediately.

Last night, I left my computer at work (*gasp*) and just played the game.
It was much nicer without the distraction of looking at the computer all the time to make sure I was doing stuff right, but the voice in the back of my head kept saying "I bet there was a way to get more out of that quest".
Probably there was, but you know what? I'm going to save the guide for my second playthrough, when I'll aggressively mini-max everything (and probably also max big guns. wO_ot).

That is all.

Oh, except that I also had a great time with Fable 2. You should get it now.

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