Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Android SD Card on computer

This might be really really obvious to everyone else, but it wasn't obvious to me.

In order to access your SD card from your Android phone on your computer, there are a couple of things you need to do.

1) Attach the phone using a USB cable.
2) Open the Notifications bar,
3) Click the USB one
4) Select 'mount' when it asks you if you want to see the files on your PC.

I only put this here because I'd spent a fruitless 30 minutes mucking around in the settings, trying to do this, but nothing seemed to work.

Hopefully, it'll be useful to you.


Unknown said...

Thank you sir, I was snooping around google for about an hour before I found this! I didn't even connect the notify bar with my computer.

3dcoolpic said...

Thank you as well, pretty good to share such simple advice which can help others save valuable time!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot. The information was very helpful

Unknown said...

Make sure you disable USB Debugging mode for this to work too