Tuesday, February 24, 2009



I'm in MTV today (which isn't, as you might expect, the Music Television Studios) but rather how we refer to Mountain View at Google. At least, I do. Others may not. Whatever.

Anyway, it seems I missed the Gmail outage, thanks to being fast asleep, but have just seen this:

Basically, if you get a gtalk message with a TinyURL link, and you end up on a ViddyHo page, DO NOT ENTER YOUR PASSWORD.

If you have already entered your password, don't despair.
Just log into Gmail, and change it, as soon as possible. Also, remember to change it to something difficult to guess. If you have a pet dog called 'Ernie', don't make 'Ernie' your password.

As a general rule, avoid entering your gmail password on any site which isn't gmail.
There's rarely a compelling need.

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