Thursday, April 2, 2009

Netlog developer day

Hello hello,

I've been travelling like a loon for the last month, with varying amounts of internets, so updating has been, well, awful.
Today, I'm at a Netlog developer day, where they're running 2 streams - in a cinema! It's awesome. They asked me over to present a little bit on OpenSocial (they're a major European partner, so if you're an opensocial developer, you should SIGN UP NOW!), and it's the biggest screen I've ever seen. Pretty cool. And it also means the seats are super-comfortable.

It seems like a great crowd here, but we broke for lunch, and I thought I'd knock out a blog post quickly, to get back into the groove.
On the weekend, I'm going to write up some of the trips I've done over the last few weeks, which have all been really exciting.

It also means I haven't played a lot of games recently, although I spent some time last night with Afro Samurai.
Which is fun, ish. The combat's smooth, graphics great, move list is big, but it's plagued with minor annoyances.
For example, scrolling through your combo list is a nightmare. Some of the jumping challenges are a nightmare. You have a guide (in the form of Samuel L. Jackson, for god's sake), but at the two places where I've really needed him, he's told me to find my own damn way. Which is really annoying.
When you get into the flow, though, it's pretty sweet, and looks amazing. I'd recommend it when you can get it for under £20.
Definitely not worth full price.

I also bought Empire Total War from Steam, because I thought it might be nice to play in hotel rooms in the evening. But a) Google people are too friendly, and don't let you sit in a hotel alone when you're visiting their country, and b) the one time I spent a few hours playing it, it kept crashing, hard. Like, switching-off-the-computer type crashes, not just crash to desktop.
So, I'm not sure I'll pick it up again, which is a shame, because it's had some good reviews, and looks like just the sort of crack I crave.

Well, in the meantime, I'd better go and grab some lunch and be sociable.

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Unknown said...

Hey Chewy,

It was nice having you at the Netlog Developer day.

Have fun,