Monday, January 12, 2009

Home for Christmas

I went home at Christmas to see my Mother.
Here's a picture of her and me.

I'm sticking my tongue out on purpose. I don't normally walk around like that.

We're walking around Rutland water , which, if you emailed me over Christmas, you'd know is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Europe, and almost certainly the biggest in England. I could probably do some searching to confirm that, but I'll leave it to you to work out.

I did a couple of other things, too, but there aren't any pictures online yet, so I'll write about those when they happen. One was snowboarding in Switzerland, though, which was pretty sweet.

Anyway, I got back to work to around 3100 new emails. Lucky me.
I'm slowly plodding through them.

I'll let you know when I make it out at the other side.

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