Monday, December 1, 2008


Hello there,

Glad you dropped by.

There's a few kickass things I need to talk about today.

1) I got a new handset, finally.
My old G1 was so super-prototype that it stopped working. So I got a new one.
And download THIS chap.
You need to look at it, and, if you have a G1, install it right now.

2) Lots of xbox this weekend.
Left 4 Dead is freakin' sweet.
Gears horde continues to amuse and entertain in equal parts.
Lego Batman is, typically, awesome.

Here is a gamercard, so you may browse.

Anyway, Left 4 Dead.
Bugger me, this game is brilliant.

It's a 4 player co-op. There's a single player mode, but you really don't want to play it. It's shit. Well, actually, it's not shit. It's great. But it's not even close to the multiplayer version, which is insane.

Basically, it's 4 of you against 28 days later-style fast-zombies, plus some special types, which have excellent attacks.
The graphics are top notch. The gameplay is tight. You play it for the first time, and you think 'ok, that was fun'. Then you play it again, and even though it's the same level, it's a completely different game.
Rather than fix the spawn points for creatures, or even the spawn numbers, everything's semi-randomised each time you play.
That is, you'll have different numbers of zombies which are in different places, and waves of the bastards will come at totally different times.
It will also scale based on your performance. The better you do, the more zombies will try and eat your face.
If you leave the team at any point, you're dead. Pure and simple.
This is a game which doesn't just encourage co-op, it enforces it with a very big stick.

Which brings me onto Horde on Gears.
I got the chance, finally, to play with MonkeyMido over the weekend.

We had a bloody good laugh, and made it to wave 18 (a new personal record) thanks almost entirely to the stellar work of TOMMYGUNTOM31 who carried us through most of them single-handedly.

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