Thursday, October 23, 2008

Milanese Developer DAy

So, the Milanese developer day has been and gone, and it went really well.

In other news, the battery in my DS appears to be playing up - it doesn't seem to last nearly as long as once it did, which is somewhat frustrating, but it should at least last the length of my flight tonight.

And where am I going? Prague, of course!
Here are some basic facts about Prague, courtesy of

Population: 1 186 855 inhabitans
Average height above sea level: 235 m
Average temperature in July: 19°C
Average temperature in January: -1°C

I'm currently sitting in the hotel lobby in Milan, trying to work out how much time I need to get to the airport. Word of warning - avoid Malpensa if at all possible.
It's a milanese airport, in the same way that Luton and Stansted are part of London (you should avoid them too).

I mean, do these *look* like they're part of London?

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In fact, after a quick check, Malpensa is EVEN FURTHER from Milan than these 2 are from London

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The worst part? It's still WAY cheaper to travel from Malpensa to Milan (7 euros) than from those airports to London (£20).

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