Monday, June 22, 2009


So, uhm.

I bought a SilverStone FM122. They're pretty expensive. And pretty loud also.
It came with a thing to attach it to rheostat, and a rheostat.
So, I attached them.
That's when I found out the fan was noisy.

I was fitting some new Neon to the case over the weekend, when what did I spy, but a switch with the same connector on it, for the neon. Excellent, thought I, a way to switch the fan on and off.
Clearly, Karma was biting me for dropping out of electronics at school.

I ran 12v up the control line, and blew the fan immediately.

Loads of smoke poured out.

I was just glad it wasn't the CPU.

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Sara Reid said...

I am also using the FM122, powerful 120mm fan package with manual adjustable fan controller. I believe Silverstone really needs to work on this, if the 2pin is not connected then fan should just run at 100%.

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